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Two years ago, my family and I repatriated from six years overseas. We were told the transition back to the US would be most difficult for me, the mom. . . and it was. BBNC gave me quick connections here. It's similar to the expat clubs I belonged to and loved overseas. I chose activities like Euchre and book club to get started, and found many others to enjoy as well. I also feed my interests in different cultures through BBNC. (J., USA)

Joining the BBNC 3 years ago was a good decision for me. I connect with enthusiastic women from all over the world; and together we explore our new home. I have visited places I would have never found myself and I learned so much about Detroit and all it has to offer. I highly recommend the BBNC to anyone who wants to expand their world. It's interesting, inspiring, exiting and a lot of fun! (B.,Germany)

Moving to a new place, starting a new life is not that hard when you join BBNC. We have all the support you need to be in a strange place. But most important we have all the activities. As a new member myself, my life has changed for the better. (D., China-USA)

BBNC is a wonderful social network that helps people integrate better in the US. It allowed me to meet people from different horizons and experiences and it's very enriching. It's nice to learn about different cultures through those people. (J., Lebanon)

I enjoy meeting people from all around the world. It is a great opportunity to become more open-minded. Also I like to do something beside all the housework (like a volunteering job). (K., Germany)

I especially enjoy the weekly sporting activities: walking, paddle tennis, tennis, and I am looking forward to trying Nia. I also like to join in the venturing out, monthly luncheons, Arabic culture and the daytime euchre. My husband and I also participate in the different couples events. Although I must say one of my most favourite activities is the lunch group I joined about 2 years ago. It is always a great meal with good conversation which is a great way to try new recipes and make good friends. (K., USA)