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Personal Enrichment

Book Clubs
Monthly meeting in either the morning or evening to discuss the book of the month.

Community Outreach
Even though we are new to the area, we believe in giving back to our new Community. This group sometimes hosts a fundraiser or participates in a project such as the Habitat for Humanity. These activities give group members the chance to help local people in need.

Discovery.Net-Work. Accomplish – D.N.A.
If we go through life curiously, we can experience something new. In the monthly DNA workshops, we get to know new ways of thinking and life wisdom.

Moms & Tots
Members with young children organize regular play-groups and outings that allows for some adult interaction and socialization for young children.

Movie Night
Together we will have fun nights at the movies. Bring your partner or friend along and meet us for a snack and a drink for a wonderful monthly movie night.