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BBNC History from the 1990’s

The following is a first hand account of our History from a long time BBNC member:

In 1999 the Newcomers had their zip code restriction.  Only women from Bloomfield Hills or Birmingham could introduce you to the Club and then you could join.    

At this time we had 43 board members. There were only board members, NO activity leaders.  The Welcome Coffee was different also, each group leader had a sign up sheet and perspective members would need to sign up if they was interested in joining our group. Only after the group leader called and invited you to their group would you be able to join.  After every welcome coffee there was a lunch offered at the 220 Resturant and mostly the new members came to get to know each other better.

Every 1st Thursday we had a Board meeting at the home of a board member. The meetings started at 10am, followed by a lunch at the house. The host would  cook while another the board member was the helper. 

The BBNC’s newsletter was a printed, referred to as the ‘Welcome Mat’, these were created, printed, collated and  mailed each month, to every member, with all the activities.

A BBNC staple was the monthly luncheon at a golf club; this was always a very well attended event with up to 100 ladies attending regularly. The BBNC was comprised of 450 members at this time. The dress code changed during all these years.  Members would have never worn jeans to any event, dress codes changed in this time and jean were now allowed.

The Newcomers had a 7-year rule. Meaning after 7 years in the BBNC, you received a card, it thanked you for your years of membership, then you had to leave the club. However, in  2005 this rule stopped and members could stay indefinitely.  Because of this rule, all Americans had to leave at the 7 year mark; in 2002 the 1st International President was elected. It was a big change in the rules as until then ONLY an American could become President of the BBNC.

member 1999