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Sports & Fitness


Yoga for the Spine

Join us outdoors in the fresh air and learn to be kind to your spine. Gain an awareness of the lightness, activity and stability of the spine and learn about the importance of the thoracic spine to the immune system. This yoga will make you more stable in your center inner strength.

Cross Country Skiing

Meet up with members and enjoy gliding through the snow. You don't need to be an expert to join this group. You just need to like the outdoors :).


ooooooommmmmmmmm Join Certified Meditation Specialist as he leads and instructs us in the practice of meditation. Meditation offer many health benefits and has been know to improve focus , clarity and serenity in practitioners' lives.


Love isn't just a score; it is how we feel when we pick up a racket and chase a little yellow ball around the court. The Tennis group is taught by professional who help us improve our game. We meet weekly and play a lot of the game we love.


Stretch your legs and join us in the heart of Downtown Birmingham to walk and talk. We meet at Shain Park every week, rain or shine, in the warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the cool of autumn and often in the cold of winter.


The BBNC golf league goes back to the very beginning of our club its self. Join us at a the driving range to learn the basics or practice your swing. We also play rounds of golf at local courses around the area.


Just like yoga but with a fancier name. Namaste


We have a lot of fun kayaking together. No experience or kayak is needed. We meet at various Metro Parks, Lakes and Rivers in the metro area. With a mini class for safety and know how we set off for a great time of exploring. ( Paddle Boards are welcome too)

Fit on the Trail

Fit on the Trail

In this class we strengthen and stretch our muscles to improve the endurance of body flexibility. Take deep breathes of fresh air and have fun within this outside fitness group, Every fitness level is welcome. Held in the spring through fall