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For over 70 years, BBNC has helped thousands of people ease their transitions into fulfilling local social lives in Metro Detroit. Nobody contributes more to the achievement of these goals than the BBNC Executive Boards. They volunteer their time and energy – some as if they were full-time jobs. It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank those women who so graciously served our organization as leaders for BBNC. We especially thank our past presidents. They led us in welcoming others to our grand circle of friendship. They inspired us to develop fun and fulfilling activities, and to find ways to connect to the larger community in which we live.

Current President

    Monika Jacobs

Past Presidents of the last 5 years
2018-2019de_flag Fatima Koenig
2017-2018Rania Khalil-Akkari
2016-2017usa_flag June Rowley
2015-2016de_flag Doris Elter
2014-2015de_flag Anette Hoffmann-Frey

View all Past Presidents and Honorary Life Members from the present back through 1948