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Past Presidents and Vice Presidents

 Current President

Alicia Schonberger

Vice President

Yona Grey



Honorary Life Members from the present back through 1947

Past Presidents & Vice Presidents

2021-2022usa_flag Sharynlyn Morgensternde_flag Sonja Schildt
2020-2021usa_flag Simona Cardunerusa_flag Sharynlyn Morgenstern
2019-2020de_flag Monika Jacobsusa_flag Sharynlyn Morgenstern
2018-2019de_flag Fatima Koenigde_flag Barbara Huss
2017-2018Rania Khalil-Akkariusa_flag Kimberly Martin
2016-2017usa_flag June Rowleyusa_flag Debbie Kalczynski
2015-2016de_flag Doris Elternone
2014-2015de_flag Anette Hoffmann-Freyde_flag Doris Elter
2013-2014usa_flag Katy ConstanceDebbie Harrison
2012-2013it_flag Antonella de Carlo-Aloinone
2011-2012de_flag Karin LoschKaren West
2010-2011usa_flag Kathy FinleyMona Schmatz
2009-2010usa_flag Cheryl FacchiniPamela Chesterfield
2008-2009de_flag Petra WallochCheryl Facchini
2007-2008usa_flag Linda MathewsNancy Dziad
2006-2007de_flag Isabell Scherg
& Eva Eisengarten
Eva Eisengarten
2005-2006usa_flag Victoria ColeIsabell Scherg
2004-2005de_flag Cornelia IlgLynn Miller
2003-2004usa_flag Nancy CraigTalbot Payne
2002-2003usa_flag Tasneem Webster-KellyJoan Julow
2001-2002usa_flag Karen GyllstromLaenette Yasuda
2000-2001usa_flag Sue BreedloveMary Vamos
1999-2000usa_flag Joyce MurphyTish Clough
1998-1999usa_flag Cathy SchwabRebecca L’Ecuyer
1997-1998usa_flag Susan MehallMary Whitlock
1996-1997usa_flag Carolyn HaasTanya MacLean
1995-1996usa_flag Sharyn TaylerMelanie Schaengold
1994-1995usa_flag Joyce Koremanusa_flag Sharyn Tayler
1993-1994usa_flag Janean CareyPeggy Golicz
1992-1993usa_flag Carol SmithSherry Shandalove
1991-1992usa_flag Nancy DurfyJudie Klinger
1990-1991usa_flag Janice WebbVictoria Sizer
1989-1990usa_flag Sandy BatemanLinda Hernandez
1988-1989usa_flag Sandy Pape
1987-1988usa_flag Susan DiMaggio
1986-1987usa_flag Debbie McDowell
1985-1986usa_flag Ann Steglich
1984-1985usa_flag Pat McNamara
1983-1984usa_flag Sarah Zinn
1982-1983usa_flag Janet Hansonusa_flag Shirley Hizer
1981-1982usa_flag Audrey Zumwaltusa_flag Merlyn Brandon
1980-1981usa_flag Nancy Walshusa_flag Patricia Small
1979-1980usa_flag Ruth Manherzusa_flag Sue Ruby
1978-1979usa_flag Juan Brownusa_flag Judy Clark
1977-1978usa_flag Ginny Esseryusa_flag Linda Platt
1976-1977usa_flag Pat Maiselusa_flag Pat Foley
1975-1976usa_flag Jan Spickausa_flag Sandy Futterknecht
1974-1975usa_flag Kit Wilsonusa_flag Judy Ewing
1973-1974usa_flag Nancy Wasulkausa_flag Quillian Ditto
1972-1973usa_flag Fran Amstrongusa_flag Peg Rolph
1971-1972usa_flag Nancy Thompsonusa_flag Alice Wade Stackhouse
1970-1971usa_flag Patricia Laymanusa_flag Sally Celentano
1969-1970usa_flag Abby AcInnisusa_flag Josephine Worth
1968-1969usa_flag Jane Sturmusa_flag Margery Almas
1967-1968usa_flag Barbara Amareusa_flag Alice Platten
1966-1967usa_flag Rosemary O’Neillusa_flag Katherine Bahl
1965-1966usa_flag Barbara Flynnusa_flag Ruth Marshak
1964-1965usa_flag Bea Huttonusa_flag Bern Woodsum
1963-1964usa_flag Harriet Fryeusa_flag Rene Kros, Yvonne Rathgeb
1962-1963usa_flag Jane Talbertusa_flag Mary Jo Bickhart
1961-1962usa_flag June Jasselusa_flag Roberta Betz
1960-1961usa_flag Doris Irwinusa_flag Eleanor Kaplan
1959-1960usa_flag Betty O’Flynnusa_flag Tess Boruta
1958-1959usa_flag Lois Dicksonusa_flag Ester Chamberland
1957-1958usa_flag Virginia Mooreusa_flag Janie Mead
1956-1957usa_flag Mary Greenusa_flag Maxine Morden
1955-1956usa_flag June Riletusa_flag Muriel Bickner
1954-1955usa_flag Dottie Havilandusa_flag
1953-1954usa_flag Jane Ottousa_flag Betty Jane Emmert
1952-1953usa_flag Sue Metzusa_flag Grace Grant
1951-1952usa_flag Mildred De Wolfeusa_flag Ginny Lamb
1950-1951usa_flag Peggy Bergmanusa_flag Shirley Maxted
1949-1950usa_flag Ginny Bowersusa_flag Betty Vincent
1948-1949usa_flag Jane Kellyusa_flag Elaine Wessels
1947-1948usa_flag Chris Hatchusa_flag Cleta Bailey

Honorary life members:

Ann Mould, Marilyn Gray, Barbara Stockbridge-Davidson, Joan Julow, Pat Short, Jutta Doyen, Debra Malcol

For over 70 years, BBNC has helped thousands of people ease their transitions into fulfilling local social lives in Metro Detroit.

Nobody contributes more to the achievement of these goals than the BBNC Executive Boards. They volunteer their time and energy – some as if they were full-time jobs. It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank those women who so graciously served our organization as leaders for BBNC. We especially thank our past presidents. They led us in welcoming others to our grand circle of friendship. They inspired us to develop fun and fulfilling activities, and to find ways to connect to the larger community in which we live.