Newcomers often find it easy to make new friends when they start out with a common interest. BBNC activities and events offer many such opportunities on an ongoing basis. Our monthly newsletter gives specific details about the planned events for each Activity group in the upcoming month. Once you become a member, you will have access to our member only pages and to the monthly calendar with all of the specific dates. 

Some activity groups gather once a month and others once a week. With over 25 regularly scheduled activities each month, chances are that you will want to try out a number of them. All are run by BBNC members who volunteer their time to share enthusiasm for an activity or some special expertise with their BBNC friends.

As you scan the list of activities below, note the ones that you might enjoy most. Whether you already have the skill or the ability or not, as a BBNC member, you are invited to join one or more of these groups and enjoy in their activities.


View our activity month example to see how a typical month at the BBNC looks!


In order to view the detailed list, please click on the name of the header (ex: Sports).


Tennis Once a week group lessons at a local tennis club. All levels welcome.
Walking The walking group meets weekly at a local park.We will usually walk for about 1.5 hours.
Yoga We have serveral yoga groups in two different locatons. Bring your own Yoga mat, a towel and water. We practice in barefeet. Enjoy!




BUNCO Bunco is an easy dice game played in many American cities.  No skill is needed – it’s all the luck of the dice.  All you do is roll dice, first team to reach 21 yells “BUNCO” and wins that round.  Players rotate tables after each round.
Ladies’ Euchre Newcomers find the card game of Euchre easy to learn and other players are willing to coach during these lively monthly gatherings.



Healthy Living This group promotes Health/ Wellness education and activities with monthly presentations. Some of the recent topics have included a local herbs, Ayurveda, and introduction to meditation at the Detroit Zen Center (Buddhist temple).
Book Club Monthly meeting in either the morning or evening to discuss the book of the month.
Orchestra/Band It doesn’t matter which level you are or how long you haven’t played your instrument, you only need to know how to play one. Piano, guitar, flute,clarinet, violin, drums, accordion, bagpipe… We will decide together, depending on the participants, when and where to meet and which kind of music to play.
Moms & Tots Members with young children organize regular play-groups and outings that allows for some adult interaction and socialization for young children.
International Coffee ‘n’ Conversation A no-agenda, strictly social morning of conversation for members to enjoy catching up with a large circle of friends. Also a good opportunity to practice your english with a non-judgemental group of Expats.
Community Outreach Even though we are new to the area, we believe in giving back to our new Community. This group sometimes hosts a fundraiser or participates in a project such as the Habitat for Humanity. These activities give group members the chance to help local people in need.



International Culture  One of the great benefits of belonging to BBNC is the opportunity to learn about some of the diverse cultures which we represent. Cultural roots, common customs and home countries are all explored during monthly presentations. Past presentation include these cultures: American, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Austrian, etc
Conversation Groups  These specific nationalities: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin. They meet only to socialize on a monthly basis to speak in their native tongue. Please note: English is not spoken during these events. 



Venturing Out  Venturing OutVenturing Out features a wide variety of group activities such as tours of Metro Detroit attractions, shopping excursions, and seasonal experiences such as lessons in the Eastern European art of Easter egg decorating.
Special Events These events change annually depending on the current President. Successful past events have included a fashion show, gala, and Birmingham Winter Market.
Monthly Lunch Groups Groups of 8-10 members meet monthly for lunch – often “potluck” style.


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